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Kuma-Eyes is a Photographic Consultancy, founded and run by Xavier Gautruche and Gilles Collignon, two seasoned photography professionals whose complementary professional backgrounds and experience allow them to focus on photographers and their photography in the editorial, documentary or corporate fields.


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We work with photographers on their editing, the definition of their individual look and style, and their photographic signature. We also help them define or redefine their specialisation, – photo-journalism, corporate photography, documentary photography etc.


We help them to optimise their personal and professional potential through a « sales and marketing » approach to social networks.


By working on both content and form, we help photographers bring to life the work they want to create. We are with them from the development of the first ideas right through to the distribution of the finished .

A complete professional service.




As well as for professional photographers, we organise workshops and presentations in professional schools, companies and for groups of journalists and editors.


Our professional expertise and reputation mean that we are often invited to tender for projects by companies and institutions of all sizes, and in many different areas, notably events-organization and management, book publishing and the production of personalized images.

For such projects we work as agents and producers. Please show us your work if you would like to be considered to work with us on these tenders.


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I began my career  as a photo-journalist with the Gamma agency. I then worked for several photographic agencies as an iconographer,  a sales executive and a producer.

After 15 years in agencies I decided to set-up on my own as a photographer’s agent and producer, specialising in corporate and institutional work.

Since 2008 I have been the art-buying manager and a producer for Makheia group,  France’s  no.1 independent communications group.

At the same time, since 2014 I have been  employed as a commissioner for the in)(between gallery in Paris, I am on the editing team of the magazine 0AI13, and have worked on the iconography and photo-journalism programmes at the EMI-CFD a Paris communications and media school.



My career started in photo-journalism at Gamma, then at Associated Press Paris in the photo department, with 15 years as head of reports on national and international news.

Following that, as well as being editor in chief of the external magazine, I took charge of multimedia projects, article-editing and photo-shoots at Safrane.

From 2011 to 2016 I was responsible for photography training, iconography and the setting-up of photo-libraries at the INA and at Serda, a specialist archiving organisation, both in Paris. I then became Iconography and Photo-journalism training manager at the EMI-CFD

In 2013 I created Haytham Pictures, a photo-journalism agency where 15 photographers distribute their reports in France and abroad.



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Before you contact us you need to ask yourself a few essential questions:

Are you ready to commit to paying an expert to analyse and potentially challenge and criticise your work?

This is a vital consideration, as there are strictly no refunds.

Are you ready to change your habits and behaviour  as a photograher ?

Can you accept that we will give you work to do?

There are no valid excuses for not doing the work you will be given.

In your own interest you should do it.

On the other hand, can you allow yourself to carry-on working as you always have, particulalry if you are having a hard time making a living ?

If however you have decided to move forward, and are motivated, then you will benefit fully from our experience in our detailed discussions with you, our pertinent analysis of your work, and in the well thought-out and reasoned advice we will give you.

We are professional and pragmatic, we will keep a watchful and caring eye on your work with the clear and unique goal of helping you to move forward as a photographer.

A propos petite décoration

So that we can get to know you and your work better, and to help us give you a cost estimate, please fill in this form.

The personal and private information contained in this document are strictly confidential, and will only be kept by Kuma-Eyes for use in relation to the services we propose.

Kuma-Eyes will not divulge this information to any 3rd party.

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